Galian Services Inc was founded in 2010. Company experts’ activity is aimed at development and introduction of innovative environmentally friendly technologies, for liquidation of pollution of soils by oil products and utilization of oil-slime.


The effective assistance to the companies of different economical spheres aimed at maintenance of favorable environment in the regions of their activities.


Creating of innovative competitive technologies for restoration of oil-contaminated lands and utilization of oil-slime reducing the pathogenic influence of toxic agents on the environment.

Using its own advanced projects, company experts will perform fast and effective reclamation of oil polluted lands, and also cleaning, recycling, and utilization of drilling sludge.

A specially designed by company experts unique product sorbent-ameliorant AORSIT, which is based on natural minerals, is used for chemical amelioration of polluted lands.

Toxicity elimination and soil reclamation using sorbent-ameliorant AORSIT allows to restore eco functions of soil in the shortest terms.

Drilling waste treatment is realized by a method of inertisation by using patented compound of our own design, which contains solidating compound AORSIT-IN and natural sorbents.

Application of a modern technology for drilling waste inertisation allows our customers solve some global tasks:

  • refinement and complete elimination of toxics out of oil sludge
  • producing of ecologically pure product for its recycling
  • improvement of ecological situation and reducing of economical expenses for utilization of drilling waste

We will help you efficiently solve the problems of refinement and utilization of oil-slime, detoxification and soil reclamation– easy, fast, and at a reasonable price.